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Fieldwork in an established crop has always been a challenge for farmers. From ensuring canopy penetration to running down standing crop, there are many facets to it. Our drones mitigate these issues by flying above the crop to ensure no crop is run over. Using the rotor wash generated by our drone, we can push product down into the canopy to get complete and effective coverage.


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What makes drones better than a crop duster?

Crop duster planes essentially lay the product on top of the canopy while flying over at 100+ mph. The problem arises when you need to push a product down into the canopy. One example would be corn fungicide that needs to contact the silk of the plant. Drones use a rotor to fly, which inherently pushes product into the canopy. This allows for better plant coverage than even 20 gpa with a ground rig can obtain. We use a high concentration rate of 2 gpa, this allows us to cover acreage effectively while still delivering enough chemical to your fields. 

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