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DJI Mavic 3M


By mapping your field, you can gain countless insights into soil health, tile location, and crop health. Our top-down perspective shows you exactly what's going on in your field at that exact moment. Thus, allowing you to stay informed and up to date on current conditions.

The ability to see your fields in real-time has never been easier. We cover all your acres in a fraction of the time that walking would take. We highlight areas of concern for you to check out, allowing you to have more time to work on other tasks. 

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Our Services

Tile Mapping

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We take hundreds of images of your farm and stitch them together to create a map showing all the active tile on your farm.

Variable Rate Prescriptions

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We interpret the data we map to create a variable rate map. A perfect choice for in-season Nitrogen foliar feed products.

Spot Spraying Mapping

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Our drones pick up on green weeds against the soil surface, so you can put chemical where it counts.

Crop Scouting

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Using advanced sensors, our drones can see beyond visible light to give you a comprehensive view of your crop.

Elevation Mapping

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We can scan an area with great precision to show topography in a new way. Allowing you to save time and learn more. Perfect for construction and tile mapping!


Drones? Why not just use satellite imagery?

Satellite imagery typically has interference from clouds whether you can see it or not. A+ Drone Services provides sub-2-inch per pixel accuracy when conducting field analytics. Typical agricultural satellite imagery has an accuracy of 50-100 feet per pixel. Satellites also have to deal with interference from cloud and the atmosphere. Our drones fly at a maximum of 400 ft above ground level, so we are far below any of these obstructions.

What are the benefits?

Get to every field - Our drones don't get tired during hot summer days and can cover all your acres in a fraction of the time manually scouting would take. 

See the entire field - Not every problem in the field is easily shown on the headlands. Weed patches, flood damage, and diseases all can appear in the middle of a field where it's hard to get to on foot. 

Pinpoint where to look - Our maps show where problem areas are, allowing you to go only where necessary on foot. We highlight areas of concern for you to scout so you don't spend hours walking up and down rows.

Receive real-time insights - Weather impacts crops fast, whether it's wind, rain, or drought, it all effects crops. Our drones can fly a field in a few hours and we can provide you with a map within a day. Our imagery allows for easy insight of hard hit areas. 

Ready to get started?

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